Test prototype

Prototype testing carried out by the Centre Spatial de Liège

  • Heat accumulating china and its manufacturing method, including a receptacle bordered by a wall. A refractory material is included between the upper a the lower sides of the wall. This china is used with a conventional heat source, especially a microwave, to get pre-heated dishes
  • Heavier “home-made” prototype,10 mm thick instead of 5mm .

Heat accumulating china


Time of stoking



900 Watts

3 minutes



common  Heat accumulating china  : from 62°C to  38°C in 10 min

Nata Heat accumulating china   :  from  81°C  to  38°C  in 45 min

P: Upper and lower sides

R: Receptacle

1: Base

2: Glazing

3: Heat accumulator

4: Cold area